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11 Benefits Of Being Sober

I’m the one that’s driving my desire to stop doing drugs and alcohol. I know it won’t be easy, but I really want to be clean and sober – and stay that way. If you answered “yes” to any of the questions listed above, chances are you do struggle with a serious drinking problem – one that will require professional medical intervention.

  • One of the true downsides of alcohol is that it impairs your judgment — badly.
  • One time I’d really had too much after drinking nonstop for several days.
  • He encourages people to take inventory in a room the next time they’re out with friends.
  • This way of drinking led me to do and say things that I wouldn’t have said or done while sober.

But, Resurgence Behavioral Health can help you maintain your commitment to sobriety, restore your health, and improve your peace of mind. Sober Life San Diego helps people recover from addiction and live fulfilling lives. Ultimately, everyone is their own responsibility, and you should worry about yourself before focusing on anyone else. Talking to someone who’s drunk can make you feel like they’re not sincere or not truly paying attention. Value the time of your loved ones by being in the moment as much as possible.

What are Sober Living Homes?

When a person adopts a sober lifestyle they are better able to fully experience what life has to offer. Keep in mind that alcohol alternatives shouldn’t be used as part of addiction recovery. (You shouldn’t be drinking anything that resembles alcohol if you’re an alcoholic, even if it’s alcohol-free.) They can be a positive addition to a sober curious lifestyle, though.

  • Below are some of the many benefits of sobriety that are worth considering when choosing whether to work toward sobriety and maintain a life of abstinence.
  • When work performance improves, so do the chances for new opportunities.

When the body is deprived of essential nutrients it cannot perform properly and will begin to deteriorate over time. Addiction recovery is not easy but it makes a person stronger, more appreciative and better able to face any challenge that life throws at them. Make no mistake, people who are in recovery are not only survivors, they are conquerors. We carefully curate all our selections and only offer products that deliver an authentic, high quality drinking experience. Tribe Sober’s #sober66 challenge offers online, community and audio support for the 66 days.

Sober Curious? 9 Expert Tips to Cut Back on Alcohol

It started just as a way to cope with stress, just a drink or a joint or two. But I want to be the kind of person that can get and hold onto a good job. I want to regain my sense of purpose, to be proud of myself and who I am. I don’t know how my spouse put up with me all these years. I stole money, acted crazy in front of our friends, and generally made life miserable.

After a night of binging, everyone feels the aftermath one way or another. Amanda teaches a modern approach to personal development, self-actualization & spiritual enlightenment through the lens of elective sobriety. Amanda is currently under contract with Penguin Random House imprint, Avery to publish her first book, Unbottled Potential (on shelves October 2023). Let me tell you what, when you clean up that energetic pathway, the Universe will start showing up for you.

Your health will benefit immediately.

But if you’re sober curious, you can remind yourself that there are many ways to socialize that don’t involve drinking, like seeing a movie or playing a sport. When you abuse substances to the point that it rewires your brain and consumes you, you struggle sleeping through the night. That’s why it’s so important to get the proper amount of sleep each night. Because of how vital sleep is, one of the key benefits of sobriety is that you get to sleep again. Unfortunately, there is a stigma surrounding those with addiction. In fact, many people view those suffering from addiction as being lazy and crazy.

reasons to be sober

When living a sober life after addiction, your overall health improves immensely. This is because you’re no longer attacking your body by putting dangerous amounts of toxic substances in it. Substance use disorders rewire brain chemistry, so the body craves more of a substance and is desensitized to its negative effects. In mental illness, a person often lacks sufficient “feel good” brain chemicals, like serotonin and dopamine.

Really, what it did was mask my depression, from which I suffered for 17 years. Alcohol was a band-aid but any happiness I thought it brought me was fleeting. So yes, not only is being sober more fun but, most importantly, you can find actual joy when alcohol is not in your life. In the long run, that is so fulfilling that happiness and fun will soon be found in unexpected places. The great thing about not drinking is you’re actually there.

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